Prorack Six Row Ski/Snowboard Holder Kit - Sun And Snow

Prorack Six Row Ski/Snowboard Holder Kit

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åÊAnyone who's been skiing or snowboarding before will know that the first challenge is how to get the gear to the slopes. Relax. The easiest, cleanest, safest way to do this is to lock them into the flat ski and snowboard holders on your roof rack Slam the catches down and turn the key and you're away. Or if you've only got skis and you can get away without having to lock them on then you can choose the time-proven single pair ski holders with a tough elastic strap to hold your skis in place. Either way we've got ski and snowboard roof racks covered.

Having the right accessory on your roof rack can make a big difference to it's usability and the time you spent loading it and adding these easy-to-use accessories turns your roof rack into a dedicated ski roof rack. And guess what? When the ski season is through you can pop the skis and boards away and go fishing. Yes these units (PR3064/PR3066) can be used to hold your rods, keeping them neatly organised and secure on your next outing. Try these units once and you'll be hooked, they're so versatile.

Carries: 2/4 Snowboards or 3/6 Skis
Lockable: Yes
Size: 600mm (internal width)
Fits: Whispbar or P-Bar

Carry your pride and joy in safety and style
Rubber cushions protect your
gear and prevent movement
Provide extra roof clearance for bindingsåÊ