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Trojan Tow Ball 50 mm

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Three 50 mm sizes available

Cars and wagons

Ball size: 50mm dia -Shank Diameter:3/4" - Length: 50mm- Rated Kg:- 2000kg

SUV's and pickups

Ball size: 50mm dia -Shank Diameter:1" - Length: 50mm- Rated Kg:- 3500kg

Ball size: 50mm dia -Shank Diameter:7/8" - Length: 60mmåÊ- Rated Kg:- 3500kg

Finish: Chrome

All Tow Balls comply with NZ Standard 5232 - 1993.

50 mm balls suit most new trailers and almost all new bike racks. 50 is the world-wide standard ball size.

All internationally sourced bike carriers work best with a 50 mm ball. (approx 2.5 mm difference between these and the 1 7/8" size.

There might not be a warranty for your bike rack if the wrong size and type of tow ball is used